Client: Promontory Property Pty Ltd

Architect: Wayne Michael Design/ SPLAY Architecture

Project Description: Application for the amendment of an approved SDP in order to allow for the development of a block of flats consisting of 19 units.


Client: International Housing Solutions

Architect: Boogertman and Partners

Project Description: Application for the amendment of an approved SDP and conditions of approval in order to allow for an affordable housing development. A great project in a well located area in collaboration with and amazing architectural and project Management team for these 4 erven in Parklands, Cape Town. Innovative design is an excellent showcase that affordable housing can be done in a smart way to allow for mixed uses including supporting uses etc. With a total of 967 units on the four properties with an average density of 110du/ha with commercial on ground floor in strategic places as well as additional flexibility to remaining ground floor units that can be converted to commercial/offices uses in future to create a true live, work and play environment and a sense of belonging.